- Sushi and Sashimi Tours 7 or 11 days

In Japan, eating and drinking is an art form. Pick up a pair of chopsticks and get ready for a culinary journey of discovery featuring everything from sushi and ramen to premium Kobe beef.

From Hokkaido in the north to Kyushu and Okinawa in the south, you can expect to find a highly seasonal menu serving regional specialties and dishes as delicious as they are photogenic. While sushi is arguably Japan's most famous dish, there are plenty of meat and vegetable alternatives to choose from.

Complement traditional and modern takes on Japanese cuisine with sake from a local brewery, sip on sweet potato shochu in Kagoshima , or for something more familiar, try one of Japan's highly-acclaimed whiskies, trendy craft gins or micro-brews. Explore, discover, taste and enjoy.